Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome Aboard

Dear Readers,

Welcome to my new blog entitled, "It's All About the Goods."  No esoteric or existential meanings intended.  The purpose of this blog is to exchange ideas about all issues concerning the movement and care of Goods from Point A to Point B.  Whether you call it cargo, freight, or just plain stuff.  This is about "bread-and-butter" topics such as contracts, law, insurance, carriage, storage, distribution, warehousing, regulations, cold chain--you name it--about the ubiquitous "widget" (in the economic sense as some sort of manufactured device, not as a software platform).  What kinds of goods?  Everything from steel pipe to cotton shirts to viagra pills to liquid bulk gasoline to digital cameras to fresh fruit to frozen shrimp.  Even works of art and precious metals.  I will present issues that arise in my daily life as a "Goods Litigator," (please visit my site and I invite you to share your ideas for discussion.  Thanks again for visiting!

Best regards,

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